Grassmann.jl A\b 3x faster than Julia’s StaticArrays.jl

In this algebra, it’s possible to compute on a mesh of arbitrary 5 dimensional conformal geometric algebra simplices, which can be represented by a bundle of nested dyadic tensors. julia> using Grassmann, StaticArrays; basis”+-+++” (⟨+-+++⟩, v, v₁, v… Read more


Scanning the sky with Julia on 8000 cores

Celeste, a statistical analysis model designed to enhance one of modern astronomy’s most time-tested tools—sky surveys—has gotten a major upgrade that dramatically scales up the process of cataloging astronomical objects.

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Sum Types in Julia and Rust

As I have mentioned in other posts on this blog (and surely many would agree here), I strongly believe that a great start for designing a program is figuring out good representations for the real world problem one tries to solve, i.e. defining appropriate... (more…)

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