graphql-idl-parser, a GraphQL IDL Parser, written in Rust, wrapped in Ruby

I have been looking for an excuse to learn Rust for some time now. Although I had read several tutorials and ran through the problems, I am incapable of learning anything new unless I actually get a chance to build something with it. But I did… Read more


Rust is Software’s Salvation

After the post by Steve Klabnik, “Rust is more than safety”, and a reply by Graydon Hoare, “Rust is mostly safety” - I thought it wise to throw my opinion into the mix, whether warranted or not. This is going to be a long article, which I hope rai...

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Achieving warp speed with Rust

If you're looking to write fast code in Rust, good news! Rust makes it really easy to write really fast code. The focus on zero-cost abstractions, the lack of implicit boxing and the static memory management means that even naïve code is often faster than... (more…)

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