Grammy-Nominee Alex Da Kid Creates Hit Record Using Machine Learning

Hip Hop producer Alex da Kid used IBM’s Watson BEAT, a cognitive machine learning tool that uses advanced algorithms to analyze and generate music, to produce a hit record. Does that mean Artificial Intelligence is the future of the music industry?


Causality for Machine Learning

Graphical causal inference as pioneered by Judea Pearl arose from research on artificial intelligence (AI), and for a long time had little connection to the field of machine learning. This article discusses where links have been and should be establishe... (more…)

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Machine Learning for Phrenology

In November of 2016, engineering researchers Xiaolin Wu and Xi Zhang posted an article entitled “Automated Inference on Criminality using Face Images” to a widely used online repository of research papers known as the arXiv. In their article, Wu and Zhan... (more…)

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