Google’s Swift protobuf library crashes on unknown enums

iOS 13.4 Xcode Version 11.4 (11E146) Swift 5 Swift-Protobuf 1.8.0 proto2 My iOS app is using generated code from outdated proto files. Since I've compiled the .swift files from the old protos, … Read more


Swift type checking is undecidable

More precisely, the introduction of SE-0142 and SE-0157 has made canonical type computation into an undecidable problem. I'll begin with the necessary background information before presenting my argument, and then outlining the next steps. Canonical type... (more…)

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Taylor Swift Album Review

Lockdown has inspired a lot of unexpected releases so far, but the biggest surprise comes Taylor Swift. In direct contrast to the exuberant vengeful pop beats and brighter aesthetic of her last album, ‘Folkore’ makes for much tamer listening, circling bac... (more…)

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