Goodbye Rust, and Hello, D

After quite a bit of thought and consideration, I have decided to abandon my study of Rust, and move on to D. I had been learning Rust for a while now, and I have become quite comfortable with it, … Read more


Short Circuit Sum in Rust

Haskell and Rust both support asynchronous programming. Haskell includes a feature called async exceptions, which allow cancelling threads, but they come at a cost. See how Rust does the same job, and the relative trade-offs of each approach. (more…)

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Oxidize 1K: A Remote Rust Conference

We’re hosting a remote-only conference for Embedded Rust Development on Friday, March 20th at 17:00 CET/09:00 PDT, running between 3 and 4 hours! We’ll be hosting the event via Zoom, and Speakers and Attendees are welcome from around the world, no travel ... (more…)

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