Gobang – Cross-platform TUI database management tool written in Rust

A cross-platform TUI database management tool written in Rust – GitHub – TaKO8Ki/gobang at v0.1.0-alpha.3… Read more


Learning Rust: Let’s Build a Parser

This is a demonstration of building a parser in Rust using the nom crate. I recently built a parser for the cddl-cat crate using nom, and I found it a surprisingly not-terrible experience, much better than my past experiences with other parser-generators ... (more…)

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Diving into Rust with a CLI

A blog post titled, "Diving into Go by Building a CLI Application" has been making it's rounds of the internet. It uses a small XKCD downloader as the subject. I thought was small and self contained enough, that it'd be interesting to see the same exam... (more…)

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