Go to Statement Considered (Mostly) Harmless: Translating C’s “goto” to Rust

While this post’s title is a mash-up of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” with Dijkstra’s 1968 letter, ” Go To Statement Considered Harmful…


Rust roadmap for 2017 got merged

This RFC proposes the 2017 Rust Roadmap, in accordance with RFC 1728. The goal of the roadmap is to lay out a vision for where the Rust project should be in a year's time. This year's focus is improving Rust's productivity, while retaining its emphasis on...

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Rust and dynamically-sized thin pointers

One of Rust's notable differences from C is its requirement that all values have a defined size, which enables runtime bounds-checking and advanced static analysis tooling such as MIRI. For dynamically-sized types (DSTs) this requirement is implemented us... (more…)

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