Go to Statement Considered (Mostly) Harmless: Translating C’s “goto” to Rust

While this post’s title is a mash-up of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” with Dijkstra’s 1968 letter, ” Go To Statement Considered Harmful…


Async Rust

In which we explore Rust's newly stabilized async/.await language feature by creating a simple, asynchronous application. We look at what you need to do asynchronous programming in Rust and how it differs from other languages. And we talk a little bit abo... (more…)

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Rust vs. Go: Why They’re Better Together

For most companies and users, Go is the right default option. Its performance is strong, Go is easy to adopt, and Go’s highly modular nature makes it particularly good for situations where requirements are changing or evolving.As your product matures, and... (more…)

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Porting North Korean Dictionaries with Rust

Reverse engineering North Korean dictionary software to export the data to a more accessible format. Reading into North Korean software protection schemes, encoding formats and database indexing. Dealing with OOP code in Ghidra. Experimenting with Rust to... (more…)

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