Getting Started with Machine Learning and DevOps – Define, Benchmark, Deploy

Working with clients gives us a great opportunity to apply new technologies to solve real problems. Combine opportunity with a love for the bleeding edge, and it makes for some engaging dialogs on how to make a business more effective. Today’s article is …


Movie Datasets for Machine Learning

We at Lionbridge have compiled a list of 14 movie datasets. Many of the datasets on this list contain data points such as the cast and crew members, script, run time, and reviews. You could use these movie datasets for machine learning projects in natural... (more…)

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A Guide to Machine Learning PhDs

A machine learning learning PhD doesn’t only open up some of the highest-paying jobs around, it sets you up to have an outsized positive impact on the world. This comprehensive guide on machine learning PhDs from 80,000 Hours (YC S15) will help you get st... (more…)

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