Generalizing over Generics in Rust (Part 1) – a.k.a. Higher Kinded Types in Rust

Do you want to use Higher Kinded Types (HKT) in Rust? Are you tired of waiting for GAT? Well, this is the place to be. Read more


The Great Rewriting in Rust

The book “Writing Secure Code, 2nd Edition” written by David LeBlanc and Michael Howard, published by Microsoft Press in 2002, was once required reading at Microsoft, following Bill Gat… (more…)

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Returning Trait Objects in Rust

This is a fairly basic Rust syntax issue that I’ve run into several times. Based on unknowable runtime conditions, I will return one of several different return types from the same function. Also, this return type must use methods from two traits. How can... (more…)

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