FSW 2022: Desktop UIs with Rust and React

Chris Radcliff & Rosa Pham(Blue Origin) present Desktop UIs with Rust and React for the 2022 Flight Software Workshop, hosted virtually by the Johns Hopkins … Read more


TQL: Easy-to-use ORM for Rust

Two years after I finished my school last year project, which consisted in a compiler plugin to provide a DSL for SQL in Rust, I can finally update it to use proc-macro and benefit from the same features as the original version, while also working on the ... (more…)

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How Often Does Rust Change?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how often Rust changes. There are some people that assert that Rust stays fairly static these days, and there are some people who say Rust is still changing far too much. In this blog post, I want to make a data drive... (more…)

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