From Rust to WebAssembly: building an interactive note-taking app

In this blog post, I want to introduce the personal note taking app that I wrote for myself. I want to highlight the use-case that I’m looking to solve, as well as the challenges that I ran into with the tech stack and how I solved them. Read more


Implementing a type-safe printf in Rust

I show how to use heterogeneous lists and traits to implement a type-safe printf in Rust. These mechanisms can ensure that two variadic argument lists share important properties, like the number of format string holes matches the number of printf argument... (more…)

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24 days of Rust – zip and lzma compression

The zip crate is the most commonly used Rust library for manipulating ZIP archives. It supports reading and writing .zip files with different compression methods (store, deflate, bzip2). There are at least three crates for LZMA (de)compression on crates.i...

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