Fk-Covid: A Kubernetes Bundle for Inferencing Covid X-Rays with Machine Learning

Fk-covid is an open source application for running COVID-Net, is an easy way to run new X-Ray diagnostic tools recently developed by the COVID R&D community especially the University of Waterloo and DarwinAI. It brings together open source tools from… Read more


Private Machine Learning – Explained

In this blog series, we’ll explain common topics in privacy-preserving data science, from a single sentence to code examples. We hope these posts serve as a useful resource for you to figure out the best techniques for your organization. (more…)

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Machine Learning to Ski

All ski tracking apps can record information about your day on the slopes, including top speed and distance traveled. More importantly, they offer advanced analysis, such as differentiating between time spent on the lift and actual skiing. However, they r... (more…)

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