Fixing Rust’s test suite on RISC-V

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introduced my work to improve Rust’s support for
RISC-V Linux systems. Since then I fixed a couple of
interesting compiler bugs. This blog post is more technical – describing these
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Tonic – A Rust gRPC Framework

Tonic: 0.1 has arrived! tonic is a gRPC over HTTP/2 implementation focused on high performance, interoperability, and flexibility. It has been a few months since I originally released the 0.1.0-alpha.1 version. Since then there has been a ton of growth an... (more…)

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Rust 2017 Roadmap

As part of RFC 1728, each year the Rust community puts together a roadmap laying out a vision for improvements to Rust over the course of the year. The 2017 roadmap was decided in RFC 1774.

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