Fintech Startup Groundspeed Disrupts Insurance Using AI for Data Analytics

“In insurance, there is certain data that matters in writing a risk,” says Jeff Heine, CRO of Groundspeed Analytics, a top-rated Ann Arbor fintech startup that is disrupting the insurance industry. “But they don’t use more than 10 percent of the data. Wit… Read more


AI in Retail

AI in retail offers a multitude of benefits, but how does it work? We look at examples of retail automation and the technology that powers it. (more…)

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An Epidemic of AI Misinformation

Maybe every paper abstract should have a mandatory field of what the limitations of the proposed approach are. That way some of the science miscommunications and hypes could maybe be avoided.— Sebastian Risi (@risi1979) October 28, 2019 The med... (more…)

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