Finally switching to vim

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The Power of Recursive Macros in Vim

~ 2 minute If for some crazy reason you’re not already a user of Vim, shutdown your computer and go think about your life choices. Joking aside, Vim is really a great editor. And if you didn’t know – Vim supports macros. Basics of macros in Vim Macros rep... (more…)

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Vim as Language

A Vim tutorial and primer that takes you from competent to masterful in a way that cannot be forgotten. Learn Vim as language instead of as syntax. (more…)

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Discovering Vim’s Visual (selection) mode

Usually, when I want to operate on a block of text (for example to reflow it) I can select it with one of Vim's motion commands, such as '}' for a nominal paragraph. Vim's notion of a paragraph is sufficiently all-encompassing that this works for a lot of... (more…)

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Vim gets :terminal

Problem: No terminal emulator support. Cannot properly run commands in the GUI. Cannot run a job interactively with an ssh connection. Solution: Very early implementation of the ... (more…)

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