FatFinger: a JavaScript dialect where you can keep your typos

FatFinger is a JavaScript library expanding JS to allow typos and
misspellings. Why bother with clean, well-formatted code when you
can write this and FatFinger will guess at your intentions? Read more


Web Truths: JavaScript can’t be trusted

This is part of the web truths series of posts. A series where we look at true sounding statements that we keep using to have endless discussions instead of moving on. Today I want to tackle the issue of JavaScript and how much we should rely on it. (more…)

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11 JavaScript Blogs to Follow in 2017

There’s a huge benefit in running a JavaScript newsletter. You get to know about many smart people from whom you can learn a lot. Here are the most interesting blogs I stumbled upon. Feel free to add them directly to your preferred RSS reader.... | Myth...

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