Ethereum JavaScript Ecosystem Updates

It’s been a fairly busy for the last couple of months for the Ethereum javascripters. To start with, there was a really great hackathon with IPFS. You can read Dan Finlay’s excellent write up here. Also, during this time Aaron Davis (Kumavis) made some ex… Read more


The best of JavaScript Weekly in 2016

Master the JavaScript Interview: What is a Closure?, Martin Fowler on Refactoring JavaScript, Getting Started with Webpack 2, A Guide to Proper Error Handling in JavaScript, Try Kendo UI - the most complete JavaScript/HTML UI library with 70+ widgets, and...

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Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library

The Stanford Javascript Crypto Library (hosted here on GitHub) is a project by the Stanford Computer Security Lab to build a secure, powerful, fast, small, easy-to-use, cross-browser library for cryptography in Javascript. (more…)

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Middle Express JavaScript

Expressjs giờ đây không còn quá xa lạ với những anh em làm web hay sử dụng expressjs rest api với môi trường node nữa rồi. Nhưng hẳn nhiều trường hợp trong khi làm rest api khi check data thì chỉ có anh em làm nhiều mới biết, null, length, underfined... (more…)

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