Estimating the True State of Global Poverty with Machine Learning

A collaboration from UoC Berkeley, Stanford University and Facebook offers a deeper and more granular picture of the actual state of poverty in and across nations, through the use of machine learning. The research, entitled Micro-Estimates of Wealth for a… Read more


Machine Learning Attack Series: Overview

What a journey it has been. I wrote quite a bit about machine learning from a red teaming/security testing perspective this year. It was brought to my attention to provide a conveninent “index page” with all Husky AI and related blog posts. Here it is. (more…)

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Algorithmic Aspects of Machine Learning

This course is organized around algorithmic issues that arise in machine learning. Modern machine learning systems are often built on top of algorithms that do not have provable guarantees, and it is the subject of debate when and why they work. In this c...

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