Emulating Shell Worksheets in Vim

More neat tricks with Vim, this time inspired by BBEdit’s Shell Worksheets. With these mappings, you can hit Ctrl-Enter on a line to execute it as a shell command and replace it with its output. Ctrl-Shift-Enter will preserve the command line above its ou… Read more


Efficient Navigation in Vim

When editing a file, it is quite crucial that you can navigate your cursor around rather quickly. Vim and NeoVim allow for many different ways of doing so which, depending on the situation, can be more or less efficient and useful. This article examines t... (more…)

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Vim It Up

A collection of dotfile scripts, plugins, and clever hacks so that you can become the master of your own OS! 🚀 - GitHub - Torbet/Vim-It-Up: A collection of dotfile scripts, plugins, and clever hack... (more…)

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A Vim Guide for Experts

This new Vim article explains special arguments for mapping, how to create operator pending mappings, the command ':execute', autocommands, custom functions, user commands, and more... (more…)

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