EMQ Announces Official Sponsorship of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation (EEF)

/PRNewswire/ — EMQ, the world’s leading provider of open-source IoT data infrastructure, announced that it has officially become a Founding Sponsor of the… Read more


Set-Theoretic Types for Erlang

Erlang is a functional programming language with dynamic typing. The language offers great flexibility for destructing values through pattern matching and dynamic type tests. Erlang also comes with a type language supporting parametric polymorphism, equi-... (more…)

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Erlang/Elixir Syntax: A Crash Course

This is a quick introduction to the Elixir syntax for Erlang developers and vice-versa. It is the absolute minimum amount of knowledge you need in order to understand Elixir/Erlang code, support interoperability, read the docs, sample code, etc. (more…)

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