Emacs Speed Up 1000%

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Emacs as Malleable Software

Konrad Hinsen has an interesting post positing that Emacs is one of the few pieces of malleable software extant in the modern software environment. To understand what that means, you should first read the definition of malleable that Hinsen links to. When... (more…)

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Emacs and Magit

The primary benefit from subscribing to LWN is helping to keep us publishing, but, beyond that, subscribers get immediate access to all site content and access to a number of extra site features. Please sign up today! (more…)

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Using Emacs on Windows with WSL2

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to work productively on Windows in the past. Probably because my work requires a lot of Unix tools and libraries, probably because of the absence of certain Unix utilities Emacs wasn’t as useful on Windows ... (more…)

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