Emacs as PID 1: Standing Emacs Alone on a Linux Kernel

Nano How-To explaining how to setup a root file system with only emacs. Read more


Prepare Emacs to Code in Rust

Configuring Emacs as an IDE is not really a piece of cake, especially when “good” is not enough. When it comes to programming in Rust I personally enjoy IDEs like Visual Studio Code (the debugging scripts are really powerful). However the versatility of E... (more…)

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Wireworld in Emacs

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a hacker under the pressure of a deadline must be in want of a distraction. So it has been with me; I've a TODO list a mountain high, and I've been especially cracking under the stress of trying to get... (more…)

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Emacs Tramp over AWS SSM APIs

Cattle not pets The majority of AWS EC2 I need to operate these days are members of Kubernetes clusters. For remote access to them I’m more commonly authenticating to the Kube API to spawn a privileged ephemeral debugger pod rather than accessing the host... (more…)

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