Emacs Application Framework

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What you need to know before try Emacs

When it comes to Emacs, every programmer should have heard its name more or less. After all, Emacs has nearly forty years of history. However, many users abandon Emacs before comfort with it due to the steep learning curve. I understand their frustration,... (more…)

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Get Things Done with Emacs

Before I start describing how I organize my professional life using Emacs and org-mode, let me introduce myself. I'm a researcher in computational neuroscience working at the Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases in Bordeaux (France). As such, my main ... (more…)

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Handling Email with Emacs

Like many other people, I write, receive and loath a lot of email. Writing it goes something like this: Create a new draft, figure out the right address to put into the To: field, write “Hi <fir… (more…)

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