Effortless API Request Caching with Python and Redis

Recently, I was working with MapBox’s Route Optimization API. Basically, it tries to solve the traveling salesman problem where you provide the API with coordinates of multiple places and it returns a duration-optimized route between those locations. This… Read more


Subclassing in Python Redux

The conflict between subclassing and composition is as old as object-oriented programming. The latest crop of languages like Go or Rust prove that you don’t need subclassing to successfully write code. But what’s a pragmatic approach to subclassing in Pyt... (more…)

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Better Python Testing: How to Mock AWS

At Atlassian, my fellow engineers and I often find ourselves creating tools that rapidly become crucial to our own workflows. Because of this, the practice of writing tests to ensure consistent behavior is almost second nature for us. We’re aware that thi... (more…)

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