Dynamic Programming in Python: Bayesian Blocks

Of all the programming styles I have learned,
dynamic programming
is perhaps the most beautiful. It can take problems that, at first glance,
look ugly and intractable, and solve the problem with clean, concise code.
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Job trends for R and Python

When we last looked at job trends from indeed.com, job listings for "R statistics" were on the rise but were still around half the volume of listings for "SAS statistics". Three-and-a-half years later, R has overtaken SAS in job listings for "statistics".... (more…)

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Python Backdoor Framework

Hey, guys (and gals)! Long time no see. I 've been working hard on several projects and stuff lately so I was just an observer all that time. Observing this page and several projects starting on github, I was really impressed with how many backdoor proj... (more…)

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