Drive.AI’s Reiley: Self-Driving Rollout Will Be Gradual – The Information

Self-driving cars are likely to be rolled out worldwide slowly, just as cellular networks expanded gradually territory by territory, according to Carol Reiley, the president of self-driving software maker Drive.AI. That’s in contrast to the typical instan… Read more


Decentralized AI for Healthcare

The potential of machine learning has grown significantly over the last decade following the improvements in computational power. However, to achieve accurate machine learning solutions, we need both complex architectures and enough data to feed it. Centr... (more…)

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Plant AI: A Hackathon Project

  Hello developers ! In this article, we introduce our project “Plant AI ” and walk you through our motivation behind building this project, how it could be helpful to the community, the process of building this project, and finally our future plans with ... (more…)

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