Does Emacs violate the Unix philosophy of doing one thing very well?

Tikhon Jelvis’s answer: Yes, gleefully. It’s all the better for it. Read more


Learn Emacs Lisp in 15 minutes

I was surprised not to find an introduction to Emacs Lisp on so I created one. This page is now on too. Comments and feedback are welcome ! ;; This gives an introduction to Emacs Lisp i... (more…)

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SICP in Emacs

I recently began reading the notorious “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”, a.k.a. the Wizard book. I’m only on the first chapter, but I can already see its value and why it gets recommended so much. (more…)

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Distributed Computing with Emacs

I got an Elisp idea today and even went as far as implementing a proof of concept for it: distributed computing with Emacs Lisp. As usual for me the idea takes advantage of Lisp features to make the task pretty simple, very specifically Elisp's implement... (more…)

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