Do Users Write More Insecure Code with AI Assistants?

We conduct the first large-scale user study examining how users interact with
an AI Code assistant to solve a variety of security related tasks across
different programming languages. Overall, we find that participants who had
access to an AI assistant ba… Read more


AI needs empathy to go places

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence have improved the human factor of machines. Like humans, machines can be influenced by people with varying ethical values. In looking at AI's brief history, exemplified through innovations like chatbots, we encoun... (more…)

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No trust in black box AI

I'm a software guy, and have been a while. I've had the pleasure of witnessing or studying many a software failure, and even causing a few. Comes with part of the job. When a software system fails, we open it up, take a look at how it works, make a pat... (more…)

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