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Deploying Django-Tailwind to Heroku

My preferred technology for rapidly prototyping ideas is Django, styled with Tailwind CSS and deployed on Heroku. But Tailwind CSS is designed to be used with the Javascript ecosystem, such as projects based on React.js. Until recently, using Tailwind CSS... (more…)

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SQLALchemy vs. Django ORM

If you are working with Django ORM most of the time and then switching to SQLAlchemy - you may face some unexpected behavior. In this post I’ll try to describe the most important differences from my point of view. All examples for SQLAlchemy will be shown... (more…)

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Towards (Django) Channels 2.0

It's been around three years since I came up with the current Channels design - that of pushing everything over a networked "channel layer" and strictly separating protocol handling and business logic - and while it's generally working well for people, I ... (more…)

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