Discovery: Discover the world of microcontrollers through Rust

Hello Rustaceans! I’m here to announce Discovery: A book about (programming) embedded systems / microcontrollers aimed at people without previous experience with them. Oh, and the book happens to use Rust as the teaching language rather than the traditi…


Rust Error Handling in 2020

After working through “the book” on the Rust programming language and getting started with the first non-trivial, real-world application I found myself faced with a question I didn’t yet feel well-equipped to handle: “How should you structure error handli... (more…)

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2017 State of Rust Survey

Rust’s second birthday is a little less than two weeks away (May 15th, 2017), so it’s time for us to reflect on our progress over the past year, and how we should plan for the future. The Rust Community Team is pleased to announce our 2017 State of Rust S... (more…)

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Back-end parallelism in the Rust compiler

This post describes some performance work I have been doing recently on rustc. I spent several weeks on a particular problem with only a small amount of success. I hope a write-up will be interesting and educational, and may even lead to suggestions that ... (more…)

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