Development Cost of Porting TensorFlow Models to Pure Rust

In this blog, we offer a novel generic conversion mechanism to successfully convert a TensorFlow model into pure Rust code in no time, offering numerous benefits. Read more


Make a Language in Rust, Part Fifteen: Markers

A ‘marker’ is an abstraction over Rowan that makes working with it nicer, and also allows for some fancier parsing techniques. You can think of them as a fancy version of the checkpoints we’ve been using up to this point. Here’s a rough sketch of the API ... (more…)

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Rust from a Gopher – Testing

Hello and welcome to the seventh post in my series about learning Rust. In case you want to hit it from the start, here’s a link to the first one! This entire series covers my journey from being a completely land-locked Gopher to becoming (hopefully) a ha... (more…)

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