Defmt, a highly efficient Rust logging framework for embedded devices

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Porting North Korean Dictionaries with Rust

Reverse engineering North Korean dictionary software to export the data to a more accessible format. Reading into North Korean software protection schemes, encoding formats and database indexing. Dealing with OOP code in Ghidra. Experimenting with Rust to... (more…)

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A half hour to learn Rust

In order to increase fluency in a programming language, one has to read a lot of it. But how can you read a lot of it if you don't know what it means? In this article, instead o... (more…)

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References in Rust

Rust references are very simple at runtime: they are plain memory addresses. At compile time, in contrast, references participate in more complex compiler analysis. For example, references help to prove memory safety of a program. But in this post, I will... (more…)

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