Data Pipelines: Cassandra, Kafka and Python (and Go!)

Last year I started working on a ‘Big Data’ exercise. It’s an ongoing project that mixes large amounts of web traffic, data ingestion and analytics. It’s also really fun. We get to play with an array of new technologies – sometimes on a bet, granted – but…


Bundling Python inside an Electron app

For [Datasette Desktop]( I chose to bundle a full version of Python 3.9 inside my `` application. I did this in order to support installation of plugins via `pip install` - you can read more about my reasoning in ... (more…)

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Python Pickle’s Nine Flaws

Python’s pickle module is a very convenient way to serialize and de-serialize objects. It needs no schema, and can handle arbitrary Python objects. But it has problems. This post briefly explains the problems. (more…)

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