D, the Best Programming Language, for Former Python Developers

A book about D programming language or DLang for Python programmers. “There is no best programming language”, they say. There is, for most applications it is D. The book starts from a comparison of D to Python and teaches all important features of D. D ha… Read more


Dbt Python Models

Background & context https://blog.getdbt.com/why-doesn-t-dbt-support-python/ https://roundup.getdbt.com/p/disjointed-lineage Since the dawn of time, dbt has been SQL first and SQL only. We beli... (more…)

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How to Reverse a Linked List in Python

It’s important to know about data types and one that comes up fairly regularly is that of Linked Lists. Let’s write the following base code to create a Linked List. Now that we have a base class, let’s insert a couple of nodes and print it out to see what... (more…)

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