Cross Compiling Rust on macOS to Run as a Unikernel

Most programs on Linux are dynamically linked. So when you are creating a unikernel with OPS out of a linux application OPS goes out and finds all the libraries it’s dynamically linked to and throws it onto the disk image. This works well if you are on li… Read more


A Gentle Introduction to Rust

The aim of this tutorial is to take you to a place where you can read and write enough Rust to fully appreciate the excellent learning resources available online, in particular The Book. It's an opportunity to try before you buy, and get enough feeling fo... (more…)

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Rust Is Cool – Enums

Since starting my new role at Tangram Vision, I’ve been doing a lot of programming in Rust. This is a bit of a change for me having mostly worked in C / C++ / C# over the past 6 years, but my impressions overall are quite positive. (more…)

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