Cron.weekly issue #137: Kernel 5.7, TrueNAS, LibreSSL, Drupal and more

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Welcome to cron.weekly issue #137.
This isn’t an easy episode. The news and video footage from the violence against black people coming from the US make it impossible for me to stay quiet. Read more


Migrate API in Drupal 8: A Tech Talk

It’s one of the hottest tools in the Drupal 8 toolkit: the Migrate API, now part of Drupal 8 Core. If you know how to use it, you can dramatically improve how quickly and efficiently you can upgrade a site to Drupal 8. In addition, you can use it to bui...

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Password Policies and Drupal

People tend to choose bad passwords if they are allowed to. By default Drupal provides some guidance about how to "make your password stronger," but there's no enforcement of any particular password policy out of the box. As usual, there's a module for th... (more…)

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