Criticizing the Rust Language, and Why C/C++ Will Never Die

We liked the article Criticizing the Rust Language and Why CC Will Never Die very much. We offer the author that we will do the translation on our own and publish it in our blog. He agreed and we represent this article in Russian and English with gr… Read more


Building Realtime APIs in Rust

I’ve been working recently on Backtalk, a little toy Rust framework for building realtime APIs. Let’s say you’re building a hot new tech startup — Facebook for Cats. You’re going to need a web server to track all these cats. Let’s build one quickly using ... (more…)

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GTK GUI development in Rust

This unofficial GTK Rust tutorial series will focus on documenting important GTK features, demonstrating how they are used in practice, and displaying some Rusty software techniques along the way, as we explore what GTK GUI development in Rust is like. (more…)

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