Coroutines and Java Synchronization Don’t Mix

Suppose you’ve got a critical section of code, meaning only one process should execute it at a time. In the Java world, one solution is to slap synchronized on the method and call it a day. In Kotlin, we use @Synchronized to get the same effect: repeat(… Read more


Oracle: “Opening Up Java EE”

We continue to make great progress on Java EE 8. Specifications are nearly complete, and we expect to deliver the reference implementation this summer. As we approach the delivery of Java EE 8 and the JavaOne 2017 conference, we believe there is an opport... (more…)

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GraalVM: Polyglot VM for Java

GraalVM is a new open source project by Oracle which is trying to make Java VM an universal VM to run all the major languages. Before GraalVM, there were already few languages like Scala, Closure which targeted JVM as their runtime. This has been hugely s... (more…)

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