Compile the Minecraft Server (Java Edition) to Native with GraalVM Native Image

Use GraalVM Native Image to turn the Minecraft server into native executables that are small in footprint, fast, and cheap to deploy. – GitHub – hpi-swa/native-minecraft-server: Use GraalVM Native … Read more


AWS Signs Java ‘father’ James Gosling

Amazon Web Services has added another computer science heavyweight to its employee roster. James Gosling, often referred to as the “Father of Java,” announced on Facebook Monday that he would be joining the cloud provider as a distinguished engineer. ... (more…)

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Java 10 Could Bring Upgraded Lambdas

A new JEP proposes enhancements to lambda functionality, including better disambiguation, use of the underscore for unused parameters, and shadowing of outer variables. Although these changes would bring lambdas in Java closer to other languages', the com...

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