Comparing Dplyr vs. Dataframes.jl (R vs Julia code comparison)

This time the post is inspired by the proposal of Andrey Oskin
(thank you for submitting it, below I have adapted business problem description
and dplyr source codes that Andrey provided). Read more


Mythbusting Julia’s Speed

Question: I read a lot on the Internet about this programming language called Julia being very fast, but I’m very skeptic. What do you say? Answer: It’s good to be skeptic, but you can try yourself! Q: Some time ago I actually tried and I found it to be v... (more…)

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Understand (a little) about TCP (Julia Evans)

This isn’t about understanding everything about TCP or reading through TCP/IP Illustrated. It’s about how a little bit of TCP knowledge is essential. Here’s why. When I was at the Recurse Center, I wrote a TCP stack in Python (and wrote about what happens... (more…)

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JuMPing at Gcd, with Julia

Recently, I was teaching my kids how to compute gcd(Greatest Common Divisor). Instead of just teaching the mechanics of calculation, I wanted to show them some interesting properties of gcd. (more…)

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