Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s AI Acquisition Will Make Science Free for All

The Chan Zuckerberg initiative has taken a huge first step toward their goal of curing disease by the end of the century by acquiring Meta. This AI-driven technology will be able to find the most relevant material in scientific papers and data in just a …


Facebook AI “Reality”

 Facebook’s big plans for augmented reality AR At the F8 developer conference  the buzz words seem to evolve around your brain and skin. Brain to device connections are being developed by Facebook … (more…)

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Operationalizing ML/AI with MemSQL [audio]

A lot of effort is put into the training of AI models, but, for those of us that actually want to run AI models in production, performance and scaling quickly become blockers. Nikita from MemSQL joins us to talk about how people are integrating ML/AI infe... (more…)

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