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Xcode 13 and Swift Localization – What’s new

Xcode 13 and Swift 5.5 brought big advances to localization. Localized Attributed Strings, new internationalized Formatters, and a technology called Automatic Grammar Agreement are real improvements that will make localization easier for developers.

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Impressions of Swift from Go

I’m helping with an iOS class for high school students during the summer. I used to do iOS development professionally a while ago, but that was back in the Objective-C days. I’ve done some minor stuff in Swift – and it doesn’t seem particularly hard – but…

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Doug Gregor on concurrency in Swift [audio]

Doug Gregor from Apple joins John to discuss Swift 5.5’s new concurrency features in great detail. How do features like async/await and actors work under the hood, and how were those concepts adapted in order to feel right at home within Swift’s existing …

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