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Swift Distributed Actors

Since @_marker isn’t (I believe) intended for use in user code, I think the situation is somewhat different. Implicit in the “underscored language features may be removed at any time” policy is that we won’t break the source compatibility promise, so to t…

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AWS official SDK for Swift alpha release

We’re excited to announce the alpha release of the new AWS SDK for Swift. Since 2010, AWS Mobile has provided customers with an iOS SDK, written in Objective C. While this SDK has served the iOS community for over a decade, the Swift community has grown i…

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Building an Objective-C/Swift Class-Dump in 2020

Building out a “class-dump”-like introspection tool for Apple platforms has changed considerably since the original class-dump came out. Learning these new (and old) technologies can be quite intimidating due to the steep learning curve and somewhat hard …

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