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Tutorial on server side Swift and Vapor2

After doing web development since PHP4.1, I almost gave up and decided to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Then I discovered Laravel two years ago and have been using it since. I have also been developing Swift and Objective-C for iOS and macOS and released

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Protocol composition in Swift and Objective-C

Protocols in Swift and Objective-C are a powerful tool to decouple your code. They allow you to specify a contract between classes that consume them, but defer a concrete implementation to conformers. They allow you to segregate interfaces and invert cont…

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Swift add launch ads to your app

ZLaunchAdVC – swift 集成app启动页广告,切换rootViewController,支持LaunchImage和LaunchScreen.storyboard,支持GIF图片显示,支持视图过渡动画…

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