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Using the Kani Rust Verifier on a Firecracker Example

In this post we’ll apply the Kani Rust Verifier (or Kani for short), our open-source formal verification tool that can prove properties about Rust code, to an example from Firecracker, an open source virtualization project for serverless applications. We …

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Optimized Enum Sizes in Rust

Of the many ideas that Rust borrows from other languages, its enums are one that people seem to get the most excited about. They are sometimes referred to as sum types, algebraic data types, or tagged unions, and although they are typically associated wit…

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Hive ransomware gets upgrades in Rust

With its latest variant carrying several major upgrades, Hive proves it’s one of the fastest evolving ransomware payload, exemplifying the continuously changing ransomware ecosystem.

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