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Xilem: An Architecture for UI in Rust

Rust is an appealing language for building user interfaces for a variety of reasons, especially the promise of delivering both performance and safety. However, finding a good architecture is challenging. Architectures that work well in other languages gen…

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Rust’s Trademark Concerns

As free software users, we all enjoy using the latest and greatest in free software, but we need to make sure that the software we are using really does respect our freedom. The desire to run Rust is clear to be seen, since it appears to be fully free so…

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Rust to .NET compiler – Progress update

The past few months have been quite chaotic, both for the Rust to .NET compiler backend I am working on, and for me personally. As I am writing this article, I am in the metaphorical eye of the hurricane – I have just graduated high school, and I will be …

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