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Deserializing Binary Data Files in Rust

The other day, someone on the Rust user forums posted a question that really nerd-sniped me. They had data generated by a C++ program and were wanting to load it into a Rust program, but when asked what format the data was in the author didn’t provide som…

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Rust Is Exciting

Rust is an exciting language. I recently bought The Rust Programming Language Book. It’s quite dense with a lot of concepts I haven’t thought about since college. Working in high-level programming languages such as Java, Python, and TypeScript have allowe…

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Rust Is Not a Company

Last year, as an occasional contributor to the Rust project, I did not think much about the organisational structure of the team behind the project. I saw a hierarchy of teams and groups, team leaders, etc. Just like any other organisation. This year, aft…

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