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Asciinema 3.0 will be rewritten in Rust

This is the initial work for the upcoming 3.0 release, which will be based on full rewrite in Rust. I’ve contemplated this, but I didn’t have as many good reasons to justify it in the past. However…

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Rust in .NET Projects

This rust compiler backend(module) emmits valid CIL (.NET IR), enabling you to use Rust in .NET projects. – GitHub – FractalFir/rustc_codegen_clr: This rust compiler backend(module) emmits valid CI…

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Speeding up Rust edit-build-run cycle

There are two main aspects to compile times that matter to developers. Cold build times, when building from scratch and warm build times when you’ve already built and you’re rebuilding following an edit. This article focuses on warm build times, which for…

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