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How to Deploy Rust on Heroku (With Docker)

Due to its unrivaled reliability and performance, Rust is more and more appreciated by companies for web development. And when we talk about web development, Heroku is never far away. So here is the easiest way to deploy a Rust app on Heroku (whether it b…

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Proving a Theorem with Rust and Egraphs

Egglog is a prolog-like syntax I’m fiddling with for the egg egraph library. Check out the online demo here (rust compiles to wasm)…

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Rust on Espressif Chips

It’s been a while since my last post. I have some exciting news to share before going over the progress over the last nine months. I will be joining Espressif full time to work on Rust support for all of Espressif’s chips, past, present and future! I am v…

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