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React testing practices at YC companies

React has a great ecosystem not just for making development easier, but for making testing easier as well. We surveyed YCombinator founders to understand what libraries, frameworks, and methodologies they use to test their React applications.

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Create a Custom HTTP Service Provider in React

Hey there! This post is for my front-end app while building Codemarka and a good practice I adopted and you should too. THE PROBLEM: On my server, I’ve got routes that are protected. To access them you’ll need to provide an auth token in the reques…

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Top React Projects on GitHub (4th Quarter 2020)

🌈🚀 Top 10 React Projects on GitHub (4th Quarter 2020) 2020 is coming to its end, and we may do another snapshot of 33 most starred open-sourced JavaScript repositories on GitHub as of December 10th, 2020. #1 freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp freeCodeCamp.o…

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In this post, our .NET Developers explain how to start developing your project using the abovementioned technologies. Contains lots of code and instructions.

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